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The ten fundamental attractions to see in Florence are just a few minutes walk from our bed and breakfast:

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Giotto's bell tower.

Santa Maria del Fiore is among the largest cathedrals in the world, started in 1296 by Arnolfo di Cambio and ended 150 years later.
Its immense dome, built by Brunelleschi, and enhanced by the elegant Giotto's bell tower, which is undoubtedly the main attraction in Florence.

The Baptistry

The Baptistry of St. Giovanni in Florence,following the Christian Catholic tradition, is located in front of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and is one of the oldest places of worship in Florence: here were baptized people who then could enter directly into the cathedral, because without baptism the Church did not allow access to religious holy places.
The Baptistry has an octagonal plan enriched with beautiful white and green marble decorations of Prato that make it a unique structure. Inside the protagonist is the extraordinary mosaic of the dome created on a gold background with the dominant figure of Christ and universal judgment, an extraordinary work started from 1266 and protracted until the beginning of the fourteenth century by byzantine artists from Venice, to which were added Tuscan artists such as Coppo di Marcovaldo and especially Cimabue, the master of Giotto.
The Florence Baptistry is world famous especially for its three sacred doors, now preserved, the original versions, in the museum of the Opera Del Duomo (behind the Catterale of Florence). They represent a piece of the history of Italian sculpture from the Middle Ages to Humanism.

Piazza della Signoria and old building.

Piazza della Signoria has been and still is the fulcrum of the social life of the city since the Middle Ages. It is embellished with wonderful statues such as the copy of Michelangelo's David and Perseus with the head of Medusa. In the square is the Palazzo Vecchio, now the headquarters and museum of the municipality of Florence.

The Uffizi Gallery

This incredible museum, the oldest in Europe, contains one of the largest collections of paintings in the world by: Botticelli, Paolo Uccello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Piero della Francesca and many others.

Palazzo Pitti

This huge palace is among the greatest architectural examples in Florence. Originally the palace was built by the Pitti family in 1457 on a design by Filippo Brunelleschi and made by his pupil Luca Fancelli. The original construction included only the central part of the current building. In 1549, the palace was sold to the Medici, becoming the residence of the grand ducal family. In 1560 Bartolommeo Ammannati designed and built the large and sumptuous courtyard and added the two lateral wings.
Cosimo II de 'Medici had the square in front enlarged and opened. The facade has remained almost unchanged, except for the two wings that embrace the square desired by the Lorraine.
The palace overlooks the famous Boboli Gardens.

Boboli Gardens

This wonderful Renaissance garden was created in the 16th century to a design by the architect Niccolò Pericoli, known as il Tribolo. Not to be missed is the Buontalenti artificial cave, decorated with a Venus by Giambologna.
From the south-east of the garden you can enter the Forte di Belvedere, from whose terrace you can enjoy a magnificent view.

Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

It is among the most beautiful churches in Florence and was completed in 1346. Here you can find some of the most important works of the Renaissance.
Its refined facade created by Leon Battista Alberti was a source of inspiration for generations of architects.

Old Bridge

Over almost seven centuries this is the oldest and most representative bridge in Florence, which embellishes the riverside still today.
In medieval times it was occupied by butchers' shops, while today there are only goldsmiths and jewelers. This location is crowded with tourists from morning to night.

Accademy's Gallery

In this gallery you will find the famous statue of David by Michelangelo Buonarroti, the collections of Botticelli, Taddeo Gaddi and an unmissable series of Russian icons.

Palazzo Medici Riccardi

It is the first Medici palace, where Cosimo the Elder and Lorenzo the Magnificent lived and worked artists such as Donatello, Michelangelo and Botticelli.

Basilica di Santa Croce

It is a beautiful church in Florence. Inside there are the tombs of illustrious Florentines and Tuscans. Do not miss a visit to the cloister and chapels.

Historical Coffee Bar of Florence

Caffe Gilli:

This renowned café is the oldest in the city of Florence, opened to the public by a family of Swiss origins during the mid-18th century (1733) and currently located in Piazza della Repubblica. During the twentieth century the café hosted the greatest writers, intellectuals and artists and still continues to be considered a top place in the social life of the city. Unique in its kind for the unmistakable Florentine Liberty style, Gilli is a must for both Florentines and tourists.

Colle Bereto

Located in Piazza Strozzi, a few steps from the Duomo and the renowned fashion street, Via dè Tornabuoni, Colle Bereto is one of the most fashionable places in the city, appreciated for its elegance, sophistication and modernity of the furnishings both by the very young and by a clientele. more mature. Highly recommended for every whim your throat wants to take off, Colle Bereto is able to offer, with its versatility, high-level culinary experiences, from breakfast, to aperitifs, to an after-dinner drink.


Built in 1846 as a brewery by the homonymous Polish family and declared a National Monument in 1991, Paszkowski established itself in the history of the city of Florence in the early 1900s as the meeting point of the most famous intellectuals such as D'Annunzio, Soffici , Papini, Montale, Saba and Pratolini. The restaurant, located in Piazza della Repubblica, boasts one of the largest tea rooms in the city, decorated with period furnishings. An unmissable destination during a stay in Florence.


Historic café overlooking Palazzo Vecchio, it was founded in 1872 by Enrico Revoire, the chocolate maker of the Savoy royal family. Today it is possible to enjoy delicacies and delicacies prepared by the skilled hands of the Master Confectioners and chocolatiers, combined with delicious savory snacks and delicious cocktails. Also available gift boxes with images of the historical monuments of Florence.

Shopping in the Historical Center of Florence

Shopping in the Historical Center of Florence

The historical center of Florence is full of shops and it'is the ideal destination for those who want to dedicate themselves to quality and classy shopping, in a unique city in the world. Just two minutes walking from our bed and breakfast you will find two luxury shopping centers, "Coin" and "La Rinascente", and elegant boutiques of artisans, jewelers and much more. Also in the surroundings of our location are the most trendy shops for young people, adults and children. The streets of Florence city center are always open to welcome Italian and foreign customers.

A few minutes walking, from our B&B, there is the most exclusive street, via De Tornauoni, where you can find the world's biggest brands make it the perfect place for classy shopping: Ferragamo; Gucci; Emilio Pucci; Bulgarians; Tiffany; Valentino; Versace; Armani... A walk in this street is a must for anyone during their stay in Florence to discover the glamour of Italian and international haute couture.

Florence by bike

The city of Florence is walkable with a service of BICI PUBBLICHE
Moving on two wheels in the city is very fun and can be circulated comfortably through the whole of the old town, because many of the areas are closed to vehicle traffic so the roads for cyclists are free and safe. The bike is the most suitable and recommended and fun vehicle during your stay in Florence!